What have we been doing?

Last week’s live session we focused on weeds and wild flowers. Scroll to the bottom for a summary of the technique takeaways for this session.

This is a composite image of the observational drawings done by the group in the live session on Thursday. I had asked everyone to have a look round, and notice all the weeds and wildflowers that are growing even in the city pavements and gutters at the moment. There is a huge and lovely range, and during lockdown, they seem to be escaping the street sweeper’s hoe. I took some flowers on my street to inspire people, then we all chose a plant to draw and I talked through aspects of observational drawing, light and shade, pencil techniques as we worked on them together.

Here are some of the drawings that the group sent to me. I think they really capture the range, and the beautiful, subtle delicacy of wild flowers.

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