Thursday’s live session – meet the melibe!

You will need: Paper and pencil.

Optional: Eraser, watercolour/thin paints/inks, *watercolour paper

Super-optional: black paper for mounting cut out melibe when finished.

*watercolour paper is easier than regular paper. But you can use any paper, it just may buckle when wet. But that doesn’t matter – better to try with what you have rather than put off until you get more kit!

These amazing and beautiful creatures are called melibe. Tomorrow’s observational art making is going to be based on them. Even though they are so dreamy and surreal, we can still carefully observe them.

The lesson will focus on pencil drawing as not all participants will have watercolour or inks, but if you would like to use them, it would be a great subject. I will explain how we can use a water colour wash over line drawings, and how to blend colours to mimic the subtle shades reflected or picked up by these translucent beings.

If you would like to know more about these creatures, here is an article.

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