Tomorrow’s live session: An introduction to watercolour and landscape*

*Though you can use whichever paints you have, and a pencil if you don’t have paints!

Here are some reference images. I suggest if possible you chose one and print it to work from or download so that you can have two windows on your screen, if you want to watch the demo and simultaneously work from a reference image – rather than me trying to provide it from within Zoom. We seem to hit technical difficulties when I screen share so I think these will be the two best options.

I have done some demo films on the Youtube page which you may want to look at before we start. I will talk about the materials we use during the session, but there’s not much point in buying expensive things unless you discover a taste for it. I’ll be very happy to advise if you do wish to buy some materials.

Here is a quick, 15 minute sketch I did yesterday. Watercolour landscapes are really fun to do. There is something about the paint that just seems to suggest natural forms, and therefore, the paint does most of the work for you!

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