Autumn Sketchbook Course – My Sketchbook, My Rules

10 weeks, starting on October 8th 2020. Thursday evenings at 7pm and throughout the week, as much as it suits you. Book your place here.

The most important things we need to learn when making art are:

How to lose the fear of judgement

How to stop thinking in terms of ‘mistakes’ and instead think in terms of ‘experiments’

An artist doesn’t smoothly turn out a single piece of polished work that then goes straight onto the gallery wall for all to admire. Artists have studios and sketchbooks and hard drives and boxes full of many attempts, many experiments, many variations of ideas. The sketchbook is a place to try and fail and fail better, as Samual Beckett so memorably put it. It is a place to learn your own visual language and develop your own interests and ideas. It can be a place to keep reference, to write ideas, make notes, sketch something that catches the idea. It is definitely a place to play as well as to learn and develop.

With guided sessions and weekly prompts, we will take our creativity for a walk through the pages of a sketchbook. We will aim to fill the book up by the end of the course. I will sometimes post or email you items to add into your sketchbooks and incorporate into your own work.

You will need an A5 hardbound sketchbook, ideally landscape format, and we will use a variety of art making materials but you will be able to take part with whatever you have available.

I’m really excited about this course because when I look back at my own work, it is the sketchbooks that I love the most! It is a wonderful, valuable way of working that allows complete freedom – in other words, a workout for the creative mind. I hope you will feel like joining me.

Book your place here.