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Thursday 29th, 11am art session As we are nearing Halloween, our subject on Thursday morning will be painting pumpkins! They are gorgeous objects. Some of you will have acrylic, others will have watercolour, use either and I will help you along accordingly. Heavier water colour paper/ multi-media paper is useful as it will buckle less, […]

Drawing as a practice

So what do I mean by drawing as a practice? When lockdown began I was very glad to have drawing as a pastime. The immediate environment had become so small and many usual ways of spending time were no longer available. But drawing encourages engagement with your immediate environment, whatever that happens to be. I […]

Watercolour and landscape

Let the paint do some of the work for you! I have always enjoyed using watercolour. I know it has a tricky reputation and to be fair, there are precise ways of working with watercolour that can be more difficult, but used loosely it is very easy and really good fun. The paint takes shapes […]

Working from the imagination, thinking like an artist

We had a really interesting session on Thursday 23 July on the theme of journeys. I asked the group to consider all the ways a journey might be represented as an art piece, and to choose something that was relevant to them. The solutions ranged from a beautifully sponged space journey, by Melody, youngest member […]

Thursday’s live session – meet the melibe!

You will need: Paper and pencil. Optional: Eraser, watercolour/thin paints/inks, *watercolour paper Super-optional: black paper for mounting cut out melibe when finished. *watercolour paper is easier than regular paper. But you can use any paper, it just may buckle when wet. But that doesn’t matter – better to try with what you have rather than […]

Tomorrow’s live session – Snakes and Ladders

Tomorrow, (Thursday 9 July, 11 AM on Zoom) guided by me, we will be making a collaborative work, in the form of a game, based on the snakes and ladders model. Each participant will create elements, which I will combine afterwards into a board. Here are some existing examples to whet your appetites: If you’d […]

Observational drawing – dreaded hands

It’s well known that hands are difficult to draw. There’s so much going on in a hand that putting together a good representation is a challenge. But we can help ourselves by forgetting all about that… When we draw anything, and a hand is no exception, we will do it best by simply looking at […]


From the live session, Thursday 25th June, 11 AM on Zoom Mask making was really good fun. We talked about the different aspects of masks, how they can reveal and conceal, how they can hide the wearer or make them stand out. And a bit about their cultural, sacred and entertainment uses. As we are […]

Painting objects – looking at light

Leading up to Thursday’s live session I asked the group, in preparation, to look at the way light falls on ordinary objects. At the beginning of the session we looked at some contemporary still life or object paintings. Most of the paintings I could find seemed to be of ceramic items or table ware – […]


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