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My approach to art is firstly, that all of us can be art makers, all of us can learn to draw. I will prove it, if you come to the classes! Art really does belong to us all and it can be a valuable and sustaining practice for everyone. The way I teach can be summarised as how to look, how to see, and how to have the confidence to try. the groups are relaxed and friendly, comprising of a wide range of ages and levels of experience, a class where everyone will fit in, regardless of how little experience you have, or what a teacher told you at school, or how long it is since you picked up a pencil. We can all join in and all enjoy art making. And we can all learn to improve. That is what these classes are for.

Sign up for the sketchbook course – Developing creativity and confidence:

Learn the creativity-boosting value of a sketchbook and develop your own personal art making practice. More information here.

Sign up for your free introductory lesson for the Thursday Art Making live session:

Whether a complete beginner or an experienced art maker who needs a boost, try out the live sessions with Lulu. Click the link below. Choose the date and beneath the calendar, the time (even thought there is only one time) and enter FIRSTLESSON on the next screen.

Attend the weekly Zoom live lessons:

Suitable for all abilities, ages and levels of experience. Click the button below for information on upcoming events.

Thursdays at 11 AM, art making for all, learning to work from life and from the imagination with a range of media.

One-to-one sessions online with Lulu:

If you would like to work one-to-one with Lulu you can book an hour long individual lesson, where the focus will be on helping you improve overall or in a chosen area of focus. For example: the time can be used to go over existing work, suggest improvements in technique, setting new projects tailored to you, working in a particular medium.

The cost per hour session is £35 and can be arranged at a time to suit. Or you can book a series of 6 sessions for the price of 5, which is £175.

If you like, two people can share the cost of these session and Lulu will work with both of you.

Everyone is welcome to join the Facebook group and contribute, regardless of joining the live sessions or classes. Find regular updates and a friendly group on the Middle Distance Arts Facebook page