Examples of Lulu’s work

I have been drawing as long as I can remember. My favourite form is quick sketches of what ever happens to be near by but I enjoy longer form observational drawing, especially figure drawing too.

I always think that drawing is as close to mindfulness as anything I know. When drawing you are engaged consciously with your immediate environment, and there is a kind of thinking without words that happens. How we see and how we look are a crucial part of drawing and in learning how to look, we learn how to draw and vice versa. This is how and why I want to teach others to draw.

As a fine artist I worked predominantly in temporary site-specific installation. I used waste or valueless materials such as newspaper and bamboo. I exhibited in group and solo gallery shows and also put work out in the wild. Here are some examples:

I also made lens-based digital work. There are examples on this site.

As a maker, I sell work on Etsy, from my shop called Seventy Seven Seas. The work is all made from recycled materials and takes influence predominantly from folk and religious art.