Here is what some students and group members have to say about working with Lulu and Middle Distance Arts:

Tessa Crockett

“What impresses me about Lulu’s classes has been her imagination and inventiveness. Each week she has picked a completely different skill with examples to try. She then gives us techniques and tips to use. She shows us Artist’s work’s and sets the class in an historical context. 
Each week I’m surprised at what I find I can do. I love her zoom classes as I can see others work, especially the kids art, and have enjoyed each class immensely. “

Ivy Ngeow

“My daughter and I have been attending Lulu Allison’s Middle Distance art classes for the last 10 weeks during lockdown. I found the classes enormously beneficial to my creative thinking as architect, musician and writer. I saw the world differently and she helped me realise those ideas into a 2D reality. She has helped my daughter and I bond as a creative team, given us family time that would never return and a fresh meaning to what is art. I would not hesitate to recommend Lulu’s art classes and to attend more of them in the near future.”

Melody Davis

“It’s helped me improve a lot. It’s fun and I have got a lot better.”

Yvonne Lyon

“Middle Distance Arts is a retreat from Lockdown life for me, providing a safe, comfortable space in which to experiment with different techniques.  An encouraging teacher, Lulu gives us an inspiring topic every Thursday. There are illustrations and video clips to look at beforehand and during the session and she is on hand to answer any question. Even after a short time of drawing and painting with her, after years of doing no art, the way I look at objects has changed.”